KARA’s Music Bank Performances

For KARA’s special stage performance on KBS2TV’s Music Bank they paid homage to DSP Entertainment’s old school girl group, as well as one of the most popular Kpop girl groups ever, Fin.K.L. KARA sang Fin.K.L’s late 90’s hit song ‘To My Boyfriend.’

In my opinion ‘To My Boyfriend’ fits KARA’s over the top cutesy image perfectly. KARA did a good job but in the same token ‘To My Boyfriend’ doesn’t really seem like a vocally challenging song.

KARA's Music Bank Performances

KARA also performed their hit songs ‘Honey’ and 'Pretty Girl.'

I like ‘Honey’ but I’m sick of ‘Pretty Girl.’ I could die a happy man if I didn’t have to hear ‘Pretty Girl’ ever again. I don’t think I’ve heard the last of that annoying song though. It’ll probably creep its way through my headphones periodically through the years and pay me an uninvited visit like a bad rash or an irritating friend that can never take a hint and stay away.

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