Fancam of 2NE1 filming their ‘I Don’t Care’ MV + Final Fire performance

A 27 second fancam recording of 2NE1 filming the music video for their next single ‘I Don’t Care’ surfaced on the internet. The audio isn’t in sync with the video and the person recording the fancam footage was obviously nervous about getting caught because they kept on lowering the camera so the production staff wouldn’t see it. However, the video does give a decent little taste of what 2NE1’s next single ‘I Don’t Care’ sounds like.

The fancam footage clearly shows that the filming for this part of the ‘I Don’t Care’ MV took place at an amusement park and the extras in the background appear to be frozen like statues. It’s hard to say for sure because the person being filmed is wearing a mask but, based on her movements at the end of the footage, it seems to be CL. From my perspective ‘I Don’t Care’ sounds pretty good, even though it’s only a small taste of the song plus the fact that the audio from the fancam is not that great. The song also sounds nothing like 2NE1’s first two hits ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Fire’ which is a good thing because it shows that 2NE1 isn’t going to pigeonhole themselves to one style of music.

2NE1’s third single ‘I Don’t Care’ is only a couple of days away from being released on July 1st and their mini-album, yet to be named, will be released a week after ‘I Don’t Care’ on the 8th of July.

Thanks to eloisa and Tina for the tip.

2NE1 also ended their red hot run with their single ‘Fire’ on SBS Inkigayo on the 28th. Many 2NE1 fans are saying that the Inkigayo performance of 'Fire' was their best yet and, after watching it a couple of times, I would have to agree.

2NE1 pulled out a few special dance moves for this performance including but not limited to the octo-arms from the MV. I also thought all the ladies looked extra lovely, more so than usual. I’ve been trying my best to pretend not to notice Minji since 2NE1 debuted but this time was especially hard.

Exhibit A:

Damn you Minji, you little underage minx. For the first time in my life I know how old perverted men feel when they see an underage honey. They have to do the pedo chant to clear their mind of naughty thoughts: Must not fap, must not fap, must not fap, Heechul man kiss, Heechul man kiss, Heechul man kiss… Hey, it does work. My “fire” down below almost instantly turned into a limp sausage. I also just discovered that Heechul is in fact useful for once.

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