Happy 300th day to 2PM!

On the 30th, fans celebrated 2PM's 300th day after debut by printing out an advertisement in the newspaper.

The 2PM fans titled their ad on this daily newspaper,

"Congratulations on 2PM's 300th day!"

Also included in the ad was an eye-catching photo of 2PM members Junsu, Jaebeom, Wooyoung, Chansung, Junho, Taecyeon, and Nichkhun smiling / laughing. The seven fan girls included sweet and encouraging messages for each of the seven 2PM members. Happy 300th day to them and may this only be the beginning of good things to come!

2PM's 300th day

*My one and only superstar, Jaebeom oppa! I will always cheer for you
*Junsu oppa~ I will always pray for you,
*Khun Khun Khun! No words needed, sexy Khunee, you're my angel^^
*Sexy Taecyeon oppa! I will always be on oppa's side ^.^
*The coolest in the world Jang Wooyoung~ Always fighting!!
*The one who gets into my heart lump of charm, Lee Junho best ^0^
*Walking statue Chansung oppa yah~ Always stay strong!!

We'll always be together,
No matter what, we'll always cheer you on

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