Nine Girls, Same Style

What is "ddong (poop) hair"? It is basically a messy bun on the top of the head, a signature style of Japan's sweetheart Aoi Yuu. I guess the first time someone put her hair up in the messy bun and wore a mini skirt to a drama release press conference, the drama was a big hit, because now, ALL the female actresses are doing the same thing. Is this the new trend in Korea? Who do you think rocked the hair and mini dress better than all the other?

Joanne - She looks cute. You pervs trying to look under her dress in front of a computer, shame on you.

Park Han Byul - I think this girl is gorgeous, and her dress is not too long, not too short, just right. Did anyone notice the hideous picture of Jiyeon of T-ara in the back?
Park Han Byul

Ryeowon - Her dress is not short, but then again, if it was short, everyone would be cringing at her skeleton legs.

Hong Su Hyun - Ehh, not feeling the ahjumma dress.
Hong Su Hyun

Choi Jung Won - This is quite a common dress, but this girl looks totally amazing!
Choi Jung Won

Lee Young Eun - Same dress as Choi Jung Won, but she could use some boobs to fill up the dress.
Lee Young Eun

Son Eun Suh - ...Who?
Son Eun Suh

Kim Min Jung - The doll face follows the trend!
Kim Min Jung

Moon Chae Won - Moon Geun Young's lesbian lover rocks the style.
Moon Chae Won

And you guys thought that was the end.
Here are EIGHT more ladies with the same "ddong hair"!
Poop hairstyle

credits to Daum

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