Cool’s Yuri and Baek Ji Young’s Million Dollar Figures

Baek Ji Young and Cool member Yuri, who are said to have million dollar figures, flew to LA in May for a bikini / swim wear photo shoot for their shopping mall "I Am Yuri." A representative assured that through this photo shoot, "we are be able to see Yuri and Baek Ji Young's hidden sexy figure."

While the gorgeous photographs from the actual photo shoot are on their "I Am Yuri" online shopping site, here are just a few pics of the girls goofing around in their teeny weeny itsy bitsy bikinis during the shoot. They are known to be best friends, and through these pictures, they sure look like like it.

Baek Ji Young and Cool's Yuri
Baek Ji Young and Cool's YuriBaek Ji Young and Cool's YuriBaek Ji Young and Cool's Yuri

On a side note, it has been revealed that after one long year, Yuri will make a comeback with Cool and release their brand new album on July 17th. They will have their comeback stage on KBS Music Bank the same day of their album release as well. A representative revealed, "At Cool's recording studio in Non Hyun Dong, Seoul, their 11th album is being recorded."

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