Oh Noes! Fangirls beware, Taecyeon kisses a girl

Mnet’s show “Scandal” is no stranger of making fan girls jealous when it comes to male celebrities, and the episode(s) starring 2PM's Taecyeon is no different.

A small innocent kiss on the check on the preview teaser (see cap below) is what set off this round of jealously as the show included a scene where he kissed his date on the forehead. Taecyeon isn’t the first 2PM boy to appear on the show with Nichkhun appearing earlier in the year.

Taecyeon fans can join jealous Wheesung, Nichkhun, Lee Hongki fans who have all appeared on the show. I wonder who the next "Scandal" will be.

Taecyeon's Mnet Scandal

cr: allkpop

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