Drunken Tiger’s (Tiger JK) New Album is OUT!

Hip hop fans rejoice because Drunken Tiger (minus DJ Shine) is finally back with their (his - Tiger JK) new full length album so cleverly titled Feel gHood Muzik : The 8th Wonder. Drunken Tiger left us in 2007 with his last full length album and therefore leaving fans waiting for this album to drop for two years.

The new album was released yesterday in Korea - It is separated into 2 full length disks (13 tracks on the first CD and 14 tracks on the other) both of which are featuring a lot of the hot artists of today.

Check out the track list:

1st Disc
1 Feel Good Music
2 Jet Pack (Korean Ver.) (Feat. Sef Cobane, Bizzy)
3 Magic (일 더하기 일은 셋, 둘, 하나) (Feat. Ann)
4 축하해 (Feat. 서조단)
5 Don't Cry (Feat. 진보)
6 숫자놀이
7 Skit (음악에 미친 Loptimist는 오늘도 밤을 새워)
8 True Romance (Feat. T)
9 두두두왑바바루 (Feat. Jungsshin, Sun)
10 6번 줄 없는 통기타
11 Superfine (비켜가)
12 힙합간지남
13 Question (Feat. Ann)

2nd Disc
1 Monster (Korean Ver.)
2 죽기 전에 죽지 않아 (What U want) (Feat. Bizzy, Palo Alto)
3 Rebel Music
4 내 눈을 쳐다봐 (Feat. Bizzy, YDG, 정인)
5 주파수 (Feat. 화나)
6 Freaky Deaky Superstar (Feat. Jungsshin, Sun)
7 비벼대 (Feat. Bizzy, Palo Alto, YANGGANG, 1kyne, SAMA D)
8 Die Legend 2 (Feat. Dynamic Duo, DOK2)
9 Jet Pack (English Ver.) (Feat. Stylistic Jones, Zeebra, Sef Cobane)
10 Rest In Peace (Question) (Feat. Ann)
11 Three Kingz (Feat. Roscoe Umali, Stylistic Jones)
12 짝패 (Feat. Palo Alto)
13 서러운 울음소리 (Feat. Sean2Slow, Bizzy, Palo Alto, Double K, DOK2)
14 Monster (English Ver.) (Feat. Rakim, Rakka(Of Dilated People), Roscoe Umali, T)

The tracks "True Romance" and "Monster" are the two singles that Drunken Tiger is promoting.

Here is the English version of "Monster" Featuring. Rakka (Dilated Peoples), Roscoe Umali, Baby T (Tasha / Yoo Mi Rae), and the hip hop legend Rakim.

Be sure you buy this album (support the artists!) because you can't go wrong listening to a Drunken Tiger album.

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