Chung Lim working with MC Mong’s girlfriend?

It has been released that Chung Lim is working with MC Mong MC Mong's girlfriend Joo Ah Min for his music video. In this music video, Chung Lim will be shown as a boy who works at a car workshop and dreams about being a car racer. Joo Ah Min will portray a young woman who works at a motorcycle painting shop and dreams about being a world famous show bike rider. Apparently MC Mong also stopped by during the filming to cheer on Chung Lim his girlfriend and surprised the staff.

On the other hand, Chung Lim is also planning on appearing in the new SBS drama 'Dream'. For all you Chung Lim fans, you guys are getting an eyeful.

Chung Lim working with MC Mong's girlfriend?

cr: allkpop

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