Another Kiss for Kim Byul

Not even a month since her kiss with fellow actor Kim Bum, actress Kim Byul receives another one.

This time, (luckily) the guy is not Kim Bum but rather a new artist named st. Haru (not saint but read as the letters "s" , "t"). The kiss was for a scene in st. Haru's music video and debut song titled "Afraid." The music video shows the story of a guy who is in love with a girl but has nothing and therefore lets the girl he loves go for her happiness.

Kim Byul fell in love with the song and jumped at the chance to be featured in the music video. More over, she managed to get through the entire music video without making an NG and was praised by the staff. The director expressed his approval "Behind the mask of cuteness and maturity is a depth expressed in her eyes."

The teaser for st. Haru's Afraid is to be released at the end of June. Although I have to wonder from the teaser image, whether she didn't make any NGs just so she wouldn't have to kiss him again...


cr: allkpop

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