SNSD Continues Comeback on Music Core

Building off of yesterday's comeback stage, SM nonagon SNSD staged both hit single "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" and the fluffy "Etude" on MBC Music Core.

Here's the debut performance of Etude:

The song, dance, and outfits are all reminiscent of SNSD's earlier days, and definitely put the Girl in Girls' Generation. Prancing around in azure dresses, blue belts, and a rainbow of stockings, the group does look cute, albeit a little more mature and less overwhelming than the "Kissing You" era.

The second "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" performance:

As expected, it was a tighter, better-sounding performance from the genies, even if they resemble girl scouts as opposed to wish-granters. Many S♥NEs are yearning for the white outfits displayed in the teaser pictures, instead of the UPS/Girl Scout outfits they've worn so far. Note to all stylists: leave brown to the cavemen. Music Core's cameramen were also able to capture more of the choreography's strong points, catching the Hyoyeon-Taeyeon mic-exchange and snappy ending to perfection. Alas, their camerawork was not without some glaring mistakes, as the lack of Yuri's leggy flip-action and Taeyeon's ad-lib diva-face put a pout on many a face.

Yuri and Tiffany emceed Music Core as usual, but perhaps due to their group's presence on the show, provided a bunch of YulTi skinship to the delight of S♥NEs and byuntaes everywhere.

Yuri Tiffany Skinship

Behind Tiffany, there's a line longer than Sooyoung's legs waiting for their turn to check Yuri's heartbeat.

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