SHINee is H.O.T., Onew Hospitalized

First things first: Onew is fine. At Music Bank's finale, with all of the performers gathered on stage for SNSD's victory, the structure holding up the lights became loose (you can see people holding it up in this fan-taken picture), and one of the light fixtures fell right towards the unsuspecting Onew. Luckily, his Super Junior sunbaes Siwon and Kyuhyun prevented the fixture from hitting him, but the shock of the whole ordeal caused SHINee's leader to faint. He was carried backstage, and due to signs of psychological distress, was taken to the hospital.

[Update 12:05 EST] Fancam of Onew being carried backstage

SNSD's Reaction

While the video looks frightening, SM Entertainment has released a statement saying that Onew is now stable will be resting for the time being. Onew's famous sangtae (condition), while often churning out amusing moments, is really starting to pose a danger to the young man. This incident, coupled with his earlier tooth-breaking accident, is displaying a slightly disturbing trend for SHINee World. The weirdest part of the Onew Condition is that many of his strange moments are not even his fault - they just sort of happen. Hopefully physics will be kinder to the leader in the future.

SHINee is H.O.T., Onew Hospitalized

Speaking of the future, SHINee performed a cover of H.O.T.'s 1997 hit "We Are The Future" for Music Bank's mid-year celebration:

And for some more Onew Sangtae, check out 0:28 of their otherwise solid "Juliette" performance:

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