SHINee’s Homage to Michael Jackson

Over the course of their short careers, SHINee has often discussed and displayed their admiration for the late Michael Jackson. Whether as Taemin's dance inspiration, Jonghyun's singing inspiration, or as Onew's entire inspiration, it's clear that the King of Pop has played a vital role in these teenagers' careers. So, as a small ode to Michael, the boys performed a short dance cover of his song "Heartbreaker" for their intro on MBC Music Core.

After looking rather fly in their formal garb and showcasing some signature MJ moves, the boys take the "Juliette" stage in... tie-dye explosion. I guess Michael Jackson did reign during the tie-dye filled 80s, so it kind of works out. Unfortunately, it seems that Music Core's producers tried to give viewers seizures with blinding lights and dizzying camera angles, ruining the rather cool-looking set. Their cameras' capture of the SHINee rotating pentagon during the song's bridge was rather novel though, so it wasn't all sickening.

Speaking of sickening, it seems Onew has recovered from yesterday's ordeal, though SHINee's leader still looks a bit tired. The exhausting pop-star schedule and recent ankle/tooth injuries were probably larger factors of his fainting than the falling of the structure itself, with the chaos from the debacle simply acting as a trigger for his sensory overload. Fellow pop stars 2PM revealed in a recent interview that the typical amount of sleep during promotions are around 3-4 hours. Considering all of the singing, dancing, and running around from recording to recording that K-pop stars do, it's no surprise that stars like Onew, SS501's Hyun Joong, and Lee Hyori are being hospitalized. But, Korea's work-'til-you-drop culture doesn't appear to be going away any time soon, so fans can only sit and hope that their stars are being kept in good health.

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