Seo Taiji coming back with a new album

Seo Taiji is back and his eighth album will be released on the first of July! It was supposed to be released on the 25th of June, but the completion of the album took longer than expected so the release date was pushed back to the 1st of July. Seo Taiji's company announced "There are a total of 12 songs (4 new songs) and they have all been newly mixed, mastered, and perfected. The package itself will be great, so please anticipate it." The new album's title song, Snow of Morning, revealed during his nationwide tour, has been receiving lots of rave reviews from his fans.
Seotaiji 8th Atomos

Seo Taiji's nationwide tour which kicked off in Seoul on 13th June will also reach cities such as Busan, Daegoo, Incheon, and so forth. He will then take a break after the tour. All of you who have been waiting for old school K-pop, here it is in the flesh!

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