Drunken Tiger is back

After two long years, Tiger JK is back! Drunken Tiger (minus DJ Shine) will be making a come back with the eighth album, "Feel gHood Musik: The 8th Wonder." Tiger JK is one of the most renowned and respectable rap artists in Korea (one of the inspirations for Epik High's Tablo) and together with DJ Shine they were the ones to really bring a different brand of hip hop to Korea.

With the name of the new album, "Feel gHood Musik: The 8th Wonder," there will be two CDs where each will represent a different feel. One is the "Feel Good" and the other is the "Feel Hood." The "Feels" are self-explanatory, one with some soothing hip hop, the other with more harder rapping.

With Drunken Tiger's new album, Tiger JK wanted to make it promising to the fans that it would be different from the mainstream "popular music." The album is to drop on June 29, 2009 so be ready for some fresh new tracks!

Some of Drunken Tiger's past hits from the late 90's to early 00's:

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