Yoon Kye Sang clarifies his statement about G.O.D

Yoon Kye Sang had recently caused an uproar among G.O.D fans after he was quoted in a magazine interview saying, "I had to go about doing G.O.D activities even though I wasn't very willing". He has now released a new statement clarifying his stand about G.O.D to his fans to quell the situation. Yoon Kye Sang wrote on his fan cafe, "Misunderstandings and truths develop accordingly as to how that particular person interprets the situation. I, Yoon Kye Sang, was once a member of G.O.D. Those valuable memories of doing activities while being a member of G.O.D will stay with me till the day I die."

Yoon Kye Sang had expressed previously in a magazine interview, "When I was with G.O.D, I wasn't particularly keen on doing all those performances as a singer. But I had to do it in the end, even if I was unwilling, because my family wasn't that well-off and I had to earn money for a living." Fans got pretty upset after they saw that interview and Yoon Kye Sang had to quickly step in and claim that he was just trying to express that his perspective was different from the other members, there was no other meaning to it, and hopes that fans will not read it in a negative way.

Not sure if Yoon Kye Sang did the right thing because it seems like he is trying to distance himself from the other G.O.D members even more. I am not particularly familiar with G.O.D (Groove Over Dose) but I do know that when Kim Tae Woo released his comeback digital single, Memory & Remembrance recently, Danny Ahn, Son Ho Young and Park Joon Hyung all contributed in some way or another except for Yoon Kye Sang who was probably busy with his acting career. Furthermore, while searching for pictures of G.O.D, I realized a certain number of pictures only had 4 members minus Yoon Kye Sang who had left G.O.D for his acting career and the military in 2004.

Kim Tae Woo, Park Joon Hyung, Son Ho Young, Danny Ahn

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