Moon Geun Young used as song title by Irish singer

Korea's little sister and actress Moon Geun Young has become the talk of the town after it was recently revealed that her name was used as a song title by an overseas singer. It was revealed that an Irish singer, Brian Kelly had released a song named after Moon Geun Young, which was included in his album So Cow LP (released in March 2009) as the second track. There were also 2 other tracks with Korean titles like Choh Ah and Ja Ju Ah Pa Yo.

The song has left a deep impression with the melodious folk rhythm and the repeating words of Moon Geun Young. It appears that Moon Geun Young has a wide following, even in far-away Europe judging from this instance of a foreign artist composing a song using the name of Moon Geun Young. There's a reason though as to why Brian Kelly composed a song named after Moon Geun Young. He had been to Korea in 2000 as an English teacher and swiftly became a fan of Moon Geun Young (Autumn Tale).

According to Namoo Actors, "Moon Geun Young does not know Brian Kelly in person and vice versa. We are grateful that he likes her and composing a song for her as a fan. It's really fascinating to us. Moon Geun Young hasn't heard the song yet but she has said that she wants to buy the song to listen to it as soon as possible."

Brian Kelly's So Cow CD

Brian Kelly's So Cow CD Cover

Brian Kelly

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