The Wonder Girls are not “Nobody” in Vancouver!

The Wonder Girls have uploaded a video of their second performance in Vancouver, Canada, and let me tell you, these girls will definitely no longer be "Nobody" in that area - Many people in the crowd seemed to enjoy the girls' performance and even joined in with the dance! I'm sure all those teenagers in the audience went home right after and googled, "The Wonder Girls." It won't be long till the 'Nobody Fever' hits America..

Check out their performance of "Nobody"! Unfortunately, for time management, the girls only performed "Nobody", instead of both "Nobody" and "Tell Me" like they did in their performance in Portland.

The Wonder Girls looking glamorous backstage.
Wonder Girls in Vancouver

Yoobin is lookin' Mm..mm..good!
Wonder Girls in Vancouver

Ahn Sohee posing with her huge head.
Wonder Girls in Vancouver

Thanks to wonderfulsworld.com for the photos!

cr: allkpop

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