Kim Yuna becomes a Ghost?

There seems to be nothing that Kim Yuna can't do besides figure skating. This latest clip from Hauzen sees Kim Yuna turning herself into a long-haired female ghost to promote Samsung's Tropical Nights movie cinema event and Samsung AnyCall Hauzen Ice All Stars 2009. The clip starts off on a normal note, and not for the faint-hearted, as Kim Yuna springs up in the dark, looking like the ghost from Ring. Because of her good looks even with the fake wig and cute dialogue, it was more like cute than scary for most who have seen the clip. Netizens commented, "It's really cute seeing Yuna appear as a ghost, wearing a wig that's bigger than her head."

warning: scary (cute) surprise at 0.06 if you have a faint heart.

If you do not know who Kim Yuna is, here's a recent CF pic of her.

Kim Yuna

cr: allkpop

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