Seo Taiji releases Morning Snow teaser

We reported earlier about Seo Taiji making a comeback with his new album, Seotaiji 8th Atmos. The teaser of his title track, Morning Snow from his new album was released today and seems to be bringing people a strong enviromental message. Seo Taiji is telling people through Morning Snow that the things we treasure would be gone some day, so we should pay more attention to them and treasure them even more now. Seo Taiji's full length music video will be released very soon in early July.

Seotaiji 8th Atmos promo pic

Seotaiji 8th Atmos promo pic

The album was released for sale today and lots of fans turned up to get their copies even before the shops had opened for business. Early birds were rewarded with specially made rice cakes with cute Seo Taiji cartoon packaging and also posters.

Seo Taiji fans

This fan bought 8 copies at one go.

Seo Taiji fan

Everyone got what they wanted.

Seo Taiji fans

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