Min Hyo Rin endorses Walt Disney Jewelry

Actress Min Hyo Rin currently seen in MBC Triple has been courted by many advertisers, especially those from the fashion, jewelry, bevarage industries since her drama started airing. Just recently, Min Hyo Rin inked a contract with Walt Disney Jewelry to be their CF model.

A Walt Disney Jewelry representative expressed, "Min Hyo Rin's cute and bubbly image fits our company's jewelry image perfectly so we decided on her as our CF model. Many viewers are even referring to all the accessories that she is wearing in Triple as Min Hyo Rin's jewelry, showing how popular she is right now.

According to Star Fox Entertainment, Min Hyo Rin is a very popular CF star right now, "There are many electronics, telecommunications, beer, etc companies asking for Min Hyo Rin to be their CF models. In addition, many overseas fashion labels are also asking for her. We believe that she will get even more CF deals in the weeks to come."

Min Hyo Rin endorses Walt Disney Jewelry

Min Hyo Rin endorses Walt Disney Jewelry

Min Hyo Rin endorses Walt Disney Jewelry

Despite being a relative newbie in the acting field (Triple is her first drama, and she is the female lead), having debuted initially as a singer, she has done a great job with her role as a cheerful figure skater, showing maturity and definitely on a par with her sunbaenims like Lee Jung Jae, Lee Sun Gyun, Yoon Kye Sang, Lee Hana, etc.

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