Kara and Girls’ Generation Spill The Beans

Girls Generation (without Yoona) dan Kara pada tanggal 23 maret 2009 atau lbih tepatnya kemaren dipertemukan di salah satu variety show MBC Come To Play Girls special. kita liat sedikit percakapan....
With regards to the poll result, Gu Hara expressed, "I guess that Girls' Generation Seo Hyun might have won with the most picks. Lately, our manager has had a big crush on Seo Hyun." In response, Girls' Generation Sunny said, "Our manager likes Nicole a lot". Soo Young added, "Not long ago when Kara got No.1, our manager was so happy that he started crying. It was really intolerable", which led to laughters all around the studio. Come To Play will be shown tonight at 11.05pm (KST).

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