Super Junior Accused of Stealing

Netizens have been attacking Super Junior claiming that their latest single “Sorry, Sorry” is a rip-off of the song “Womanizer” by Britney Spears. Specifically, they claim that the repetitive use of the “sorry, sorry” hook in Super Junior’s song is way too similar in style to Britney’s “womanizer” hook in her song. A spokesperson from SM Entertainment stated that these accusations were groundless. He went on to say that it’s absurd that netizens are labeling Super Junior as plagiarizers if their only reason is because “Sorry, Sorry” has a similar type of repetitive ambiance as “Womanizer.”

I think this is obviously just another case of netizens starting shit because they’re bored and they have too much time on their hands. Super Junior shouldn’t be “sorry, sorry” for plagiarizing but they should be “sorry, sorry” for many other things like: tricking the public about losing weight, making questionable comments over the radio, or the worst of all, making out with other dudes on stage. I thought Super Junior’s actions this past year were a little shady and that was when they were not active. I’ll probably need a lobotomy to cleanse my brain after witnessing a year’s worth of Super Junior’s actions when they are active.

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