Girl Big Bang is Introduced!

Although the girl version of Big Bang has yet to have an official name, they're letting themselves known in a rather unique fashion. These four girls, Park Sandara, Park Bom, Gong Min Ji, and C L are finally ready to debut. They plan to release a digital single called 'Lollipop' and plan on appearing on television via the LG Cyon phone commercial. And I'm sure its not coincidence that the phone is called the 'Lollipop Phone' either. They filmed the commercial along with popular idol group Big Bang (surprise surprise). The complete music video for the single is set to be shown sometime near the end of March or early April.

The fact that a new girl group is able to be in a commercial for a new phone is really exceptional. Phone commercials in Korea are seen as one of the most popular commercials and only top stars are used for them. YG Entertainment explained

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