Tiffany’s Duet with K. Will

orang2 bilang gua terobsesi sama SNSD gara2 postingan gua bnyak bgt tntang snsd.
Maav pembaca bukan terobsesi hanya aja lagi bnyak2nya berita tntang SNSD mau ngga mau harus ngeposting mereka. Lgian juga gua bukan Anti Fans kok (netral).
Ok, membahas tntang Tiffany yg kata anti fans sih trouble maker, nah dia duet sama penyanyi K.Will. Along with Tiffany going solo, it seems like she will be singing her first duet as well. It has been revealed that her first debut partner will be K. Will. On the 27th, videos of them working together were released, and it looks like both of them were working hard.
Patisipasi K.Will dalam lagu "Young Girl Meets Love" and has stepped up to support him. Because of K. Will's sweet voice and Tiffany's appealing looks vocals, their song has been garnering a lot of praise from those that have heard it.
Tiffany revealed, "This is the first time since my debut that I am singing with someone who is not from Girls' Generation. I'm glad that I get to do a duet with K. Will, who sings very well. I hope this becomes a song that will receive a lot of love." K. Will also mentioned that, "I'm glad I got to do this duet with Tiffany because I've always like Girls' Generation and her."
The song will be officially released on March 31st. I'll be anticipating a live performance of this song just for K. Will, because his voice is absolutely amazing, though I'm not too sure about Tiffany's vocals.

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  1. wah baguslah.. walo ga suka tapi bisa bersifat netral.. soalna gw suka berhenti ikutin blog gara2 penulisnya ga bisa netral bwt tulis berita.... kayak koreanwaves