2013 Views Harvard Law Students interested in Girls’ Generation?

Harvard Law Students interested in Girls' Generation / SNSD? That might sound a bit crazy but its true according to Yahoo Korea.

The article states that Girls' Generation will meet up with some Harvard Law Students to teach them their popular "Gee" Dance. The Harvard students will be going to Korea on March 23rd to research Korean Culture. The scheduled meeting is to take place at SM Entertainment on March 26th.

This isn't the first time for Harvard to be interested in Korean Culture. In the past, Harvard has invited SM Entertainment CEO Lee Soo Man to lecture about the "Korean Wave" to Harvard MBA Students. They also had featured Paneled Discussions featuring JYP at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government about "Hallyu."

I think this is all pretty cool albeit random, the "Gee" phenomenon keeps on spreading. Also check out pictures of Girls' Generation in Thailand (they're currently in Thailand for the Pattaya International Music Festival along with SHINee).

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