Kyuhyun's "An Ode to Fried Chicken.."

Kyuhyun lost his mind and re-wrote lyrics into a poem dedicated to a special type of fried chicken..

Kyuhyun's Diary Section2009.03.26 at 21:09
Weather: snow
Mood: bored

Wherever you go, smiling superbly you're Fried Chicken*
A good girl being a matchless beauty is thought of a Fried Chicken
Hard to get, unstoppable, you're truly Fried Chicken
I am irrevocably lost for Fried Chicken

If you're envious of me, then they're Fried Chickens

After all MuBank's lunch is Fried Chicken

..... in between breaks hihi

* is Fried Chicken with Sweet & Spicy Sauce [x]

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