Son Dam BI Rilis "Type B"

Chukae unnie!!!!
pngend dngerin lagu-lagunya,,
setelah debut 2007 akhirnya Son Dam Bi ini merilis album Type B. Unnie satu ini akhirnya merilis full album karna sebelum2nya hnya mini album and remix album. Type B was available for download online today and will be in stores on the 26th. The title track 'On A Saturday Night' has been teased all over the internet and has the netizens buzzing due to her retro concept. The track has an 80s feel to it and is produced by Brave Brothers. The album features several new tracks and also some revamped versions of her previously released tracks.
kalo yang mau tau apa dftar lagu2nya:
Track List:
01. 토요일밤에
02. No Sympathy
03. 두번째라도
04. 느리게잊기
05. Bad Boy (Remix)
06. 미쳤어 (Remix)
07. 그만하자
08. 투명인간
09. Twice Too Many Time
10. 토요일밤에 (Inst)

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