super junior

1.1.On Hanteo's Charts
Super Junior are
#1 on the Weekly (20,155 copies VS Seo Taiji's 8,977)
#3 on the Daily (800 copies VS 2AM's 1,000*)
#1 on the Real Time
#2 on the Monthly (36,679 VS Seo Taiji's 40,729)

* 2AM's album was released YESTERDAY, that is why they are #1 and Super Junior "dropped" to #3.

According the results/charts at Hanteo, on the 13th (the day of their comeback) SJ surpassed all the other artists and rose to 30,000 (i dont exactly know what the 30000 is for) and on the 19th, the chart showed that SJ has dropped to below 5000 (where all the other artists were at on the 13th).

2Am has now taken over SJ’s #1 spot at Daily Kpop Hanteo, they are now in third place. (They still have #1 for RealTime Kpop)

At Mnet Top 7, SJ is still second to Davichi.

However, Reset (1), Angela(2) & Monster(4) are on Mnet Top 5 Real Time kpop Chart.

2.Super Junior’s title song “Sorry,Sorry” is being reported as a plagiarism of Britney Spear’s Womanizer and NeYo’s (??) (they say that the songs sound alike)

In addition, Davichi’s song “8282″ is also being reported as a plagiarism of “happy ending” by a British singer.

However, agencies of both SJ&Davichi have commented and said that “it is not true, and they’ve gone through the same feeling already and it caused a lot of trouble (??)


It’s making headlines everywhere…There are over 10 articles of this.

3.The boys got enough votes and now they are eligible to win a mutizen award along with Davichi, Kara, Hwayobi, FTTS, Shin Hyesung & FT island.

However, FTTS, FT island, and SHY will not be performing at SBS. (idk why)

So does that mean they wont win one? cause dont u have to be there to get it? SJ vs. the girls *gasp**crosses fingers*


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