1TYM’s Teddy Rejects Lady Gaga

It was made known that Teddy, the leader of YG Entertainment's hip hop group 1TYM, was recently asked to work with American pop star Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is receiving a massive amount of popularity and fame for her hit songs "Just Dance" and "Poker Face."

Yang Hyun Suk, the CEO / founder of YG Entertainment, revealed to Money Today Star News that "A few months ago, we met with the president of Interscope (Lady Gaga's company), Jimmy Iovine," and "after listening to the songs that Teddy produced, Jimmy Iovine asked him if he wanted to produce a song for Lady Gaga." However, Teddy declined his offer.

Interscope Records, which is famous for its artists Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Limp Bizkit, as well as many others, is currently the largest music entertainment company. Because of its high standards and reputation, many netizens are poking their eyes out at Teddy's arguably dim-witted decision. But hey, although it seems like Teddy lost a grand opportunity, as the company probably won't ask him again, maybe the master mind knows what he's doing. Or maybe he just thought Lady Gaga isn't worthy enough for his skills, and if that's the case, he ain't alone.

Big man Yang Hyun Suk continued, "However because he was busy preparing for 2NE1's debut album, Teddy had no choice but to reject the offer to work with Lady Gaga," and that "because Teddy stayed focused with 2NE1 remaining as his center of attention, we were able to see good results."

In the past, Teddy had produced various hit songs, such as Taeyang's "Only Look at Me", Uhm Jung Hwa's "Disco", Big Bang's "Sunset Glow", and of course the song that took over #1 spots on every chart, "Lollipop." This time, he produced 2NE1's debut song "Fire" which is also booming on the charts.

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