Kim Yuna’s Haptic

Another day, another celebrity and another new phone. Not content with having Lee Minho, Son Dambi, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon in it's ranks, Samsung AnyCall has unveiled it's latest signing, world champion figure skater, Kim Yuna for their latest AnyCall Haptic mobilephone.

The CF starring Kim Yuna shows her being just like any other ordinary girl enjoying her life at 20. The CF's concept was based around "My Diary at 20 years old" and sees Yuna in 6 different scenes like eating to her heart's content, singing aloud, bathing her dog, etc. The CF allowed Yuna to do the things that she would have loved doing at her age but couldn't because of her life as a figure skater.

Kim Yuna's Haptic AnyCall

One special feature of this new phone is the "My Diary" function which acts like a blog and helps you to record stuff down like your own personal diary/schedule. The phone will be available in Snow White, Sweet Pink and Noble Black.

credit: allkpop

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