Brown Eyed Girls to Make a Comeback

Brown Eyed Girls' company, Nega Network, has announced that the girls are set to make a comeback towards the end of June.

The girls are currently working on finishing their album and if all goes according to schedule, the girls will start filming their new music video in mid-June. Their concept and genre of their first single will be dance, just as before.

To be honest, I like the Brown Eyed Girls. They may not be the prettiest bunch but their songs are always stuck in my head because they are so damn catchy. Brown Eyed Girls are definitely not a group to underestimate as they have won awards with both the Wonder Girls and Girls' Generation around. However, it will be an interesting comeback because currently 2NE1 is dominating the girl group market, and groups 4minute and T-ara are about to make a debut as well.

credit: allkpop

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