Shine’s Kelly Attempts Suicide

Reports have surfaced that Kelly, leader of the relatively unknown female electronic band, Shine, attempted suicide in the early morning hours yesterday.

She took a reported 40 sleeping pills but was luckily found quickly enough to survive. The reasons could have been many but her company said that due to her responsibilities as a leader it was tiring for her. Shine is currently under going member changes and preparing to go overseas to perform.

Although her company officials said it wasn't a Werther effect attempt at a suicide, you have to know, that it most likely was. In the past year, we've had celebrity figures such as a late president or a famous TV celebrity commit suicide. Studies have shown that people that are on the edge are more inclined to commit suicide when a famous person does, hence the Werther effect.

It's sad that these celebrities are going through a tough time and I'm no psychologist, but I will be the first to call them out on their cowardice and irresponsibility. Now of course, there are many factors leading up to a decision to commit suicide and every case is different but come on! These people need to know that there are many people that look up to them as role models. There are many things fracked up in this world that leads a person to the brink, but don't succumb. Celebrities, I beg you, listen to my plea! There are many that look up to you and many fans that love and adore you, so take courage and be strong, for tomorrow WILL be a better day! Here's hoping for brighter days for Shine's Kelly, let good things shine upon you.

credit: allkpop

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