Harisu Says No to Suicide

With the recent suicide of former President Roh Moo Hyun, Korea's most famous transgender celebrity, Harisu, has reached out to prevent suicides among transgender talents. Harisu said "I wish that there will be no more transgender suicides" and opened a transgenger club.

On the 13th, 'Mix-Trans Club' was established. Recently, there were two up and coming transgender entertainers, one known as the "Harisu Part 2," Jang Chae Won, and another up and comer who had a 'coming out' and received such severe backlash, Kim Jihoo, both committed suicide. Harisu said, "My heart was broken upon hearing the news of the suicides of my friends and colleagues. I wanted to make a beautiful place for people to come together after coming out and suffering the same pain."

So far Harisu's collected a small group of 20 members to create the 'Mix Trans' performance group.

Harisu Says No to Sucide

Harisu Says No to Sucide

It's a very nice thing Harisu is doing for the twenty some people in the biz... but who will do anything about for the former presidents and other straight, one-gender celebs? Where is their club?

credit: allkpop

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