Kim Jong Wook and Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung are a couple!

Davichi's eye candy Kang Min Kyung seems to be everywhere these days. Kim Jong Wook's If You Pretend music video featuring Kang Min Kyung was recently released, and calling the video cute would be an understatement. What's even better is that even some of the back-up dancers are actually good looking, and that my friend is a sure sign of high production values.

Female back-up dancers. The 2 girls on the right are pretty cute.

Kang Min Kyung and female back-up dancers

Kang Min Kyung and female back-up dancers

Male back-up dancers. Boy am I glad I don't like sausage for breakfast because the male back-up dancers are definitely anti-attractive!

Kim Jong Wook and male back-up dancers

Kim Jong Wook and male back-up dancers

Sure it's just another cute "boy trying to get the girl" type storyline, but the difference here is that the girl is Kang Min Kyung. I can't even count the number of times I squealed "DONGSENG!~" throughout this video. The basic premise is that Kim Jong Wook is trying to woo Kang Min Kyung, but she's not going to have any of it. Kang Min Kyung rejects his every attempt, and looks amazingly cute doing it. Finally, he decides to ditch his "poor geeky school boy" look, bought some hair spray and a slick looking suit. What do you know, he succeeds! The moral of the story here is that unless you've got salon styled hair, contact lenses and a sharp looking suit, expect to die lonely.

However, the back-up dancers (both the good looking and the not so good looking ones) got nothing on Kim Jong Wook. Hell, even Chris Hassen has nothing on Kim Jong Wook. In the music video, Kim Jong Wook and Kang Min Kyung looks to be about the same age. However, he's actually 27 years old while Kang Min Kyung is only 18. Sneaky sonnamabeech! If he was a pedophile, he would probably be a god among pedophiles. To put it into perspective, that's almost as big a gap as the much protested Hyung Don and Taeyeon pairing.

Here is aforementioned music video.

For those of you who don't know who Kim Jong Wook is. He's mostly known for his song Only You, which was in the We Got Married OST.

credit: allkpop

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