So Young Yoosung’s “Star” MV

f this guy isn't your dongsaeng, you probably shouldn't be reading allkpop without parental supervision.

The newly made teenager Yoosung has released the MV for his debut song "Star", with the bloom lighting creating a slightly ethereal aura that fits the floaty nature of the song.

While not as trippy and mysterious as fellow pubescent IU's debut MV for "Mia", the video has a May meadow atmosphere for a May meadow single. Yoosung is smiling pretty much the entire length of the MV, and why wouldn't he be? He's 13, capably playing guitar, releasing songs, flirting with a cute noona in an MV, has a whole career ahead of him, and to top it all off, he's 5' 7" with plenty of time to grow. What more could a new teenager want? Maybe Sun Ye or Yuri could've been a year younger than him, but other than that, life seems pretty swell for this kid. Smile on, dongsaeng, before the entertainment industry's harsh climate steals your innocence.

Yoosung's Star MV


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