Park Ye Jin might leave Family Outing?

Update: The latest is that things are being worked out now between SBS and BOF, so no conclusion yet, just Korean media jumping the gun. But the conflict in schedules are indeed a big problem. Lots of rumors circulating now, will update at the end of the day.

Inevitable when it comes to variety but still sad to see it become reality. Park Ye Jin's management agency, BOF announced on the 25th that the Family Outing episode with Choo Sung Hoon which will be aired in 2 weeks time on 7th and 14th June will be her last. Ye Jin is sad that she has to leave Family Outing because she has developed so much feelings over it, the bonding with the other family members and the fact that it has made more people take notice of her after appearing in it for close to a year.

The decision to leave SBS Family Outing was because of the daily filming schedule for MBC's Queen Seon Duk (debuting on 25th May), where she plays Princess Chun Myung. In addition, Park Ye Jin will also be filming for a movie which will start at the end of May concurrently. Previously, Ye Jin had taken on KBS2TV Hateful But Once Again together with Family Outing, which took a toll on her health and saw her falling sick.

Family Outing with Choo Sung Hoon

There's no further word from SBS as yet on how they will handle this but Park Ye Jin's absence from Family Outing will be sorely missed in the long-term

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