AJ Gets a Kiss from Min Hyo Rin

AJ, the Dancing shoes rookie received a kiss from actress Min Hyo Rin... unfortunately for AJ, it was only acting.

Sunkist has a new product out called Cherryade and they've recruited both AJ and Min Hyo Rin to endorse this new drink. They recently filmed the cute little CF (Commercial Film) together and it's just airing in Korea now. At around :15 seconds into the CF, the 23 year old Min Hyo Rin gives a surprise kiss to 19 year old AJ. Right after the kiss, at the end of the CF, AJ has huge smirk on his face, while Min Hyo Rim gives a wink and bobs her head around. Maybe this will spark some interest into AJ and gives him the push he needs to be a star... or maybe not.

credit: allkpop

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