Sue Son’s Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent, co-created by Simon Cowell (American Idol, The X-Factor) and Syco TV, is a talent search reality show that travels all over Britain, in search of literally any acts that are full of talent. The winner of the show receives a grand prize of 100,000 British pounds (about $160,000) and the opportunity to perform their talent to members of the Royal Family, including the Queen. And one of the contestants is willing to take time out of her busy schedule to have an interview session with us. The incredibly talented and beautiful Sue Son has agreed to have an interview session with us, so stay tuned. I won't tell you too much about her yet, but I will tell you that Sue Son is a violinist with loads of talent who had an interesting journey on Britain's Got Talent, to say the least.

Unfortunately, Sue's journey on the show just ended the other night in the 1st round of the semi-finals. However, you can be sure that this is only the start of her career and that you will be seeing much more of her in the bright future that lies ahead of her. Catch a clip of her final performance below.

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