After School - Dream Girl Music Video

Talk about a downgrade! What happened to the sexy, foxy, and energetic After School that debuted 4 months ago? They were bucking the cutesy trend, and I was loving every minute of it. Unfortunately, they're going away from sexy and embracing the cute look as they cover the afraid of the sun fanboys / otaku's wetdream, Morning Musume's "Love Machine."

The music video for "Dream Girls" was released and it seems like they put much effort into it. The girls are just in a music studio singing with some cheap text effects popping on screen, they really went all out and broke their budget for this one.

Hopefully this is just an aberration and they go back immediately to skimpy outfits and provocative dance moves, if not... their career will just go down. But going down isn't always bad, especially if it's on me. Thanks to Khadi for the tip and AfterSchoolCraze for the video.

credit: allkpop

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