Choi Hong Man Takes Down Jose Canseco

Earlier this Tuesday at Yokohama Arena in Japan, K-1 fighter Choi Hong Man, standing at 7' 2" tall and weighing in at 330 lbs, shows what a beast he is and took down MLB washout Jose Canseco in 72 seconds.

To be honest I'm surprised he even lasted that long. Here's a clip of him taking another guy out in 10 seconds.

This was Jose Canseco's first professional mixed martial arts fight in his life. So not only is he untrained, he's fighting a fighter that has been in K-1 since 2005. The fight was a hilarious sight to say the least.

Right in the beginning, Canseco landed a great right hook to Choi's head but it all went down hill from there. Canseco kept circling Choi, really smart tactic since Choi was so much bigger than him, but because of all the running, he twisted his knee. Canseco tried to land a kick but instead tripped and fell, and Choi unloaded several hits at the back of his head forcing him to tap out. After the fight was over you can see how respectful Choi was (even though he probably knew his opponent was a joke) and helped him to his feet after tapping out.

Catch the fight while you can here. I love the commentary from the announcers, "He fought as good as...as good as we could expect out of him"

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