Nich Khun’s Scandal Part Two Revealed!

Brace yourselves ladies and fan boys. The next episode of Nich Khun's Mnet Scandal has been released!

Seeing how confident Nich Khun is with Kim Min Sun, we can say for sure that Nich Khun sure knows how to treat them ladies. With his adorable charm, what girl (and boy?) wouldn't drop down on their knees in a split second? I give Kim Min Sun props for being able to control her inner fangirlness, but the show would've been more entertaining if the girl didn't control herself so well - a nervous klutz who did stupid things around him would've kept me laughing. Finally after their seven days of making love, the two split, like a banana split.. Speaking of bananas, I wonder if.. nevermind. Unfortunately, these videos don't have subs yet. But who cares about the words, just watching Nich Khun will make you satisfied.. or in this case, make you want to rip the chick into pieces. Chicken strips anyone?

credit: allkpop

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