Lee Jung Hyun admits to having a crush on Shinhwa’s Jun Jin

On the next upcoming episode of Ya Shim Man Man season 2, Singer/actress Lee Jung Hyun admitted that, in the past, she had feelings for Shinhwa’s Jun Jin.

Jung Hyun stated that, after she and Jun Jin became friends, she misinterpreted Jun Jin’s immediate closeness with her as a sign that he was interested in being more than just friends. As a result, Jun Jin’s actions toward Jung Hyun caused her to develop feelings for him. Jung Hyun went on to say that the reason why she misread Jun Jin’s feelings was because, at the time, he was feeling glum and depressed and he would frequently call her for comfort, hence she felt that they had a special relationship. Jung Hyun also said that there was this one time where she was out drinking with her close friends and she was sloppy drunk and longing to spend time with Jun Jin decided to give Jun Jin a drunk call and invite him to join them. Jun Jin eagerly obliged and met up with Jung Hyun and her friends for drinks.

Jung Hyun soon realized where she and Jun Jin stood when he gave her an autographed CD with a message that tore her heart out and spit on it revealed how Jun Jin really felt about her. The other guests on YSMM were surprised by the manner in which Jun Jin divulged his true feelings when they heard Jung Hyun explain the impersonal and somewhat cold way he did it. Jun Jin responded by saying that one way or another he had to clear up the confusion that Jung Hyun had about their friendship. Jun Jin went on to give his side of the story but you’re going to have to watch the next episode of Ya Shim Man Man to find out what his version is.

This episode of Ya Shim Man Man was supposed to air on the 25th of May but, due to the sad and unfortunate death of President Roh, its broadcast date has been postponed to the 6th of June.



Jun Jin is my hero. He deserves Korea’s “Pimp of the Decade Award.” Even when he’s not really trying, the ladies fall for him. Jun Jin probably gets more ass than a toilet seat. He should’ve put his “ranch dressing” in Jung Hyun’s “hidden valley” a couple of times before moving on to the next lady. Maybe it’s Jung Hyun’s fault for not being a little clearer about wanting Jun Jin. If she had given Jun Jin all the right signals, then he probably would’ve let her experience at least one night of his Shinhwa style boinking.

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