Chung Lim is The New MC

Newcomer Chung Lim has been appointed as the new MC for "M Super Concert" along with the chunky ice skating wannabe Solbi.

The concert will be held on June 20th at Osan University and there's around 5,000 seats available at the venue. 2PM, 2AM, Jo Sung Mo, Jun Jin, Chae Yeon, U-Kiss, Defcon, AJ, and UPT (Uptown) are all scheduled to have performances. This is an important moment in Chung Lim's career because many eyes will be watching the rookie closely. Most of the audience members has never seen or heard Chung Lim outside of his performances so this is a rare opportunity for his personality to shine... or fail.

It's going to be interesting seeing him actually talk in front of the camera rather than seeing him perform. He certainly has the dance moves but does he have the personality to bring him to the top? Magic 8 Ball says... Outlook, Not So Good. But we'll find out soon enough.


credit; allkpop

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