More on 4 Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun

More pictures of 4 Minute's new member Nam Ji Hyun with Hyun Ah have been released online.

Hyun Ah uploaded more pictures of herself & newly revealed member Nam Ji Hyun through her Cyworld on the 25th. Hyun Ah debuted with the Wonder Girls in 2007, but due to health issues was forced to leave the group and was then replaced with Yoo Bin. Since then, she switched to Cube Entertainment and is preparing for her upcoming comeback with new group 4 minute.

Nam Ji Hyun is a 19 year old whose birth year is 1990 (exact birthdate tba). It has been revealed that she is majoring in modern dance at her university. But she is taking a break now in order to prepare for her debut. A source revealed "Although she looks young, she is an extraordinary dancer and because her training period wasn't short, you will be able to see her give a great performance on stage."

In explaining the group name, "Within the 4 minutes on stage, each individual has to showcase their own charisma to capture the hearts of their fans" Another meaning to the group name is "for minute" in which means in that moment they will do their best. The group is set to debut mid June.

Nam Ji Hyun with Hyun Ah

Nam Ji Hyun with Hyun Ah

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