Father SM’s SHINee Remakes Part II: “Hit Me”

First, SM decided to rehash some mediocre Corbin Bleu for SHINee's comeback single "Juliette". While some fans could understand choosing a safe, catchy single that catered to mainstream tastes for profit's sake, SHINee World is abuzz with the new revelation that yet another song from the new mini-album "Romeo" is a remake.

The SHINee track in question is "Hit Me", with the original song being "Bad Case" by Los Angeles duo Jackie Boyz (recorded in December 2008

Adding an additional DBSK/Sarah Connor plot twist, the rights to "Bad Case" were also sold concurrently to R&B singers Marques Houston and Omarion, each of whom released their own versions of the song titled "Case Of You" on May 21st.

Since "Bad Case" was never really an official release, this particular originality violation does not reek as much as "Juliette" did. But this constant remaking really has to disappear if K-Pop wants to gain any credibility in the global music industry. Even if you repeat the word "nobody" 62 times or "gee" 52 times in a single song, at least it's all original. So while SM gets all the money through copycat creation, SHINee's impressive talents are almost wasted recording these remakes, as the five teenagers are blissfully unaware that Americans an ocean away are and have been recording the same melodies. SHINee gets the backlash, as Father SM rakes in the cash. Grr.

I'm just cringing at the thought of the elementary bickering that might occur in the comment sections for these songs on Youtube if/when American R&B fans wander over to the SHINee videos, and vice-versa. Considering that Youtube commenting seems to lower one's IQ by 100 points while skyrocketing his or her cultural bias, one can only imagine what will happen when this:

the Jackie Boyz.

the Jackie Boyz

collides with this:


Looks like a bad case to me.

credit: allkpop

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