Kim Dong Hee MV ft. SS501’s Kyu Jong

No wonder Kyu Jong can't get the ladies: they keep on drowning on shallow beaches.

Jokes aside, ballad singer Kim Dong Hee released the MV for her new single "여자는 그래 (Yes You Are A Woman)" featuring SS501's Kim Kyu Jong and actress Kim Shin Ah.

The MV's plot plops right into the typical dramatic K-MV archetype: girl breaks up with boy, grumpy boy, slapping, nostalgic interlude, sad girl, boy rushing to save her, suicide, boy too late, anguish. Life's a beach. But, even with the cliched plot, Triple-S fangirls will be intrigued by Kyu Jong's never-before-seen acting chops.


Who knows? Perhaps he'll become as big of an actor as leader Hyun Joong - then he can do some scenes as good as this:


credit: allkpop

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