Nich Khun’s Scandal Revealed

Yes girls, the day your heart gets broken has come: Nich Khun's 1st episode of Mnet's Scandal is out! Nich Khun's new girlfriend's name is Kim Min Sun and the lucky girl got to call Nich Khun her boyfriend for a whole week. The couple went out to eat, ice skating, and went to Lotte World (they probably did more but I could care less). Check out the scandal below:

As expected, fan girls all over are going crazy as it was reported that hundreds of fans have called Mnet and sent in e-mails to voice their hatred. I knew it was going to get ugly but I thought the calls would be overwhelmingly in the thousands. Fan girls are getting soft. I hope this show gets a DBSK / TVXQ member because I would LOVE to see Cassiopeia's reaction.

For those of you with broken hearts, you are going to have to endure one more episode next Wednesday for part 2 of the scandal.

credit : allkpop

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