Lee Min Ho gets K.Will To Teach Him How To Sing

It's been confirmed that Gu Jun Pyo Lee Min Ho's new singing coach will be none other than singer K.Will. And a nice grab at that because K.Will is one of the more talented / better singers out there.

Lee Min Ho's new single "My Everything" will be released on a special edition soundtrack of "Boys Over Flowers". Aren't there already like 9 albums?

Lee Min Ho spoke on the matter, "I poured my heart and devotion, for the single "My Everything". Since I now have the best vocalist in the industry (teaching me), I will be able to show my fans a new side of me." Lee Min Ho has scheduled to have a birthday fan meeting on June 21st, which is a day before his actual birthday (June 22). At this fan meeting he may sing the song live: "It seems like it will be a day jam packed with all my interested fans and I am thinking about doing a performance...", said Lee Min Ho.

It's unfortunate that K.Will is one of the many singers that gets kicked to the curb because he really is talented. Hopefully this will bring him more attention. I could care less about Lee Min Ho's song because it's probably going to suck a big one. Lee Min Ho, please, stick with acting... but you can't really do that neither, can you? Don't worry though, there's always the Korea's porn industry to fall back on and with a Ho in your name, you'll fit right in.

My Everything:

Epik High featuring K.Will "Music is my Life" back in 2007:

credit: allkpop

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