Which Old Schooler Has The Best Comeback?

Recently, there have been a lot of veteran K-Pop artists making comebacks. More specifically: Kim Tae Woo, Jun Jin, DJ Shine, Kim Bum Soo, and Insooni. Here I will break them down for you and in the end, you can vote on who you think has/had/will have the best comeback.

First up is one of my personal favorites, Kim Tae Woo. After serving his 2 year mandatory service for the military, Kim Tae Woo's voice is back and he brought his old G.O.D band mates, Joon Hyung and Son Ho Young, along with him. Before he left, I was quite disappointed to hear he was leaving as soon as he was finished his promotions of his debut solo album but I'm glad he's back. His 28th birthday just passed on May 12th so a happy belated birthday to Kim Tae Woo!

Kim Tae Woo 기억과 추억 (Memory & Remembrance) feat Joon Hyung and Son Ho Young

Next we have Jun Jin, who's also 28, but turning 29 in August. I really don't like this guy as I think he's a douche that stuffs his pants and a man that needs to have his mandatory service and go to the army, but I'll try to be as nice as possible. Jun Jin is a member of Shinhwa which is the longest lasting group in Kpop boy band history. After a less than successful solo album debut in April of 2008, Jun Jin comes back with an EP entitled "Fascination" featuring 5 tracks including the single Hey Ya feat. Son Dam Bi and Big Tone. Not nearly as good as Outkast's Hey Ya, but It's actually not a bad song. The MV looks like something that would come out in Step Up 3.

Jun Jin feat Son Dam Bi and Big Tone "Hey Ya!" (Lee Shi Young in MV)

DJ Shine is an ex-member of legendary hip hop group Drunken Tiger. DJ Shine and Tiger JK are pretty much the creators of Korean "real" hip-hop and they paved the way for acts such as Epik High and Dynamic Duo. I was mad to see him split with Drunken Tiger in 2005 but he told his fans he would be back as a solo act. Finally, after 4 years we finally get to hear that deep, raspy voice of his in a cover of Flo-rida's "Right Round". The cover features Gavy NJ's Shi Hyun who is talented but she can't say the word "round" to save her life.

DJ Shine "Right Round feat. Shi Hyun"

Next up is my favorite singer of all time, Kim Bum Soo. Not to be confused with Kim Bum, Kim Ki Bum, or the announcer Kim Bum Soo, because this guy has more talent than those three Bums put together. He recently released his single 잊은 만큼 후회해 (Regrets To Forget) and he sticks to his ballad genre. His first well known single "I Miss You", for the drama "Stairway To Heaven", became a huge hit and a noeraebang / karaoke room favorite. Since that song however, Kim Bum Soo is generally an artist that gets over looked. So much so that even I (a huge fan) almost missed his 6th album comeback. It's a real shame that this guy isn't more popular.

잊은 만큼 후회해 (Regrets To Forget)

And finally we have the R&B diva Insooni who could/should be considered the queen of K-pop. Despite her old age (52) she has come back with the fresh, new sounds of the song "Fantasia" and also stays true to her ballad roots with the song "Cry". This album, released on May 9th, is her 17th album! Insooni debuted in 1978 in a group known as the Hee Sisters but eventually went solo. She is one of the few singers who performed at Carnegie Hall in New York and earned several top prizes at broadcasters' annual award ceremonies, her latest being in 2007 with her 16th album. It surprised me to see her winning those awards in 2007 up against the young pop stars of today.



These are the 5 old schoolers that have comeback so far this May and there's more still to come. Moon Hee Jun and Lee Jae Won (ex-HOT members), as well as Drunken Tiger (just Tiger JK?) are expected to make comebacks shortly.

But before we get into them, of the 5, who do you think had/has/will have the best comeback?

credit: allkpop

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