SHINee’s “Juliette” MV Released!

SHINee World rejoice - SHINee has shone through their toothy issues with the release of the MV for their new single, "Juliette", featuring Krystal Jung, sister to SNSD's Jessica ahead of their comeback next week.

Check out the hot release below!

The MV's concept is based on the initial meeting of the title characters in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, in which Romeo sees Juliet from afar at a masquerade ball. The song's lyrics, written by Jong Hyun, may not be Shakespearean sonnets, but I doubt Shakespeare's ball had dance moves like SHINee's. You might have qualms with the song itself, as it's a remake of Corbin Bleu's "Deal With It", but you have to admit that they have that special something whenever they dance. I can't wait to see the entire choreography on a performance stage - especially the bridge's pentagonal shifting and whatever fresh moves Taemin may unveil. One of the first things about SHINee that caught people's attention was their sharp choreography, and this new dance is definitely awesome enough for noonas to replay.

Speaking of replay, it's actually the one year anniversary of the release of SHINee's first music video, "Noona Is So Pretty (Replay)". Considering how much the boys have grown, it's amazing to think that it's only been a year since this:

In those 365 days, they've gone from being barely known trainees to releasing three hit singles, winning the MKMF 2008 Award for Best Male Rookie, winning the Golden Disk Award for Best Newcomer Album, and performing at the 2009 Korea Times Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl. Kudos, Korea's dongsaengs. Now hurry up and get on stage so we can see your slick new moves.

credit: allkpop

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